The Beginning

How ” All Home Days” Began

The Ralpho Township Contingent of the First World War Troops returned from active duty to their home in the Autumn of 1919. The Citizens of the Township, please that the war was over and their fel-low-citizens were all home, deemed it fitting to celebrate this wonderful occasion.

That same Autumn, the first All Home Days Celebrations took place . The gala affair was held at the I.O.O.F. grounds on South Market Street in Elysburg, with a picnic and dinner highlighting the festivities. Each year following. on or about the Labor Day weekend, this tradition begun in 1919, has taken place.

In the year 1925, a parcel of land was donated to the residents of Ralpho Township for the use as a park by Mr. and Mrs. John J. Lewis. In that year the All Home Days Committee voted to hold the Home-coming at Ralpho Park. From that time to the present, the All Home Days Celebration have been held at the Park. Another parcel of land adjoining the park was acquired by the Committee some years later and added to the previous site.

How does a township say thank you to its son and daughters for their contribution to their Country? We hope to try in some small way in the activity mentioned in the fore-going. We never will be able to completely, but in some way I an sure they know the gratitude we fell for them and their Contribution to the cause of Peace. Them, Maybe our sons and Daughters sacrifices might not have been, and may not be in vain.

The officers of the Ralpho Township All Home Days Association in 1919 were:

  • Edward Emerick, President
  • A.J. Startzel, Vice E’resident
  • Will Richard, Secretary
  • Harry C. Kase, Treasurer

-Taken from Ralpho Township Historical Committee, 1977