Ring in 2021 by Volunteering in your community.

Every year we look back to see where we are in life and reflect on what has changed in our life. Well this year was a first for us and many in our community. All Home Days was cancelled, Covid hit our area and we all got hurt by it.

So lets start this year off by thinking about helping out our area. The All Home Day Celebration could be the one way to do that. You can help a lot or just a little. Any help is much appreciated this year. We need to fill a lot of goals to start moving the park forward and you could be that help we need.  During the year most see a park that sits empty but there is so much more there. The park is starting to be used for yoga events, weddings, community yard sales or anything you can think of. Contact us to find out if you can use for your event.

Message us here at:

    Want to get your children involved in community service too. We can use that too. Weather it is painting, Cleaning up the grounds or just helping in a stand for one day a year during the holiday celebration, we can use them.

    If you have ideas for new thing please show up to our meeting held monthly. here is the 2021 dates for the meeting.